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Special Events

Throughout the academic year at Phoenix Arch there are many opportunities to celebrate special events as a community. In October we celebrated Black History Month with cookery, capoeira a form of non-contact martial arts dance from Brazil. We held storytelling workshops and interviews with an elder from the Caribbean. During the same month we had a vegetable planting event to celebrate the completion of our classes’ allotments. At Christmas our school play celebrated the rich community that we are a part of, by showing how Christmas is celebrated in the different countries that our pupils originate from. Occasions like this promote community cohesion within the school and form links outside.

Free The Children

Phoenix Arch is part of an international charity called Free The Children. The aim of the charity is to empower youth as agents of change. Each year schools and organisations get the chance to choose an initiative that they will embrace and take action to change.

Through active citizenship assemblies the children looked at a variety of social issues around the world and in the country and city in which they live. After much debate the children decided that initiative that they would like to take action on was WE SCARE HUNGER.

The children decided that they would collect food that could be donated to food banks in London. The response was amazing so many tins were brought in by the children and families. The food was taken to Wembley Stadium when the children went to WE DAY which was a youth empowerment event to celebrate active citizenship.

image001Phoenix Arch School was then nominated for the TEAM LONDON YOUNG AMBASSODORS SCHOOLS PROGRAMME AWARD. Two children were chosen to go to the nomination ceremony. Some pupils continued to fund raise beyond school. They went to city hall and were presented with a certificate by Boris Johnson Mayor of London and Kate Likely UK Director, Free The Children.

We would like to thank all our pupils and families for their support and generosity in supporting this cause.