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New Build

Our new build was completed on time in February 2015. Since then it has developed to provide creative learning spaces including therapy rooms. It now provides additional facilities for our pupils and families.

Our large multi – purpose room has allowed us to develop staff, pupil and families well – being programmes across the school. This is done through our TAMHS project by providing family and pupil workshops including Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends. It also provides comfortable workspace for staff INSETS which include workshops on Emotional Well – being and Building Resilience workshops.

Our multi – purpose room provides creative space for our established music lessons provided by Brent Music. These serve as staff development too as all staff attend sessions with pupil to ensure that learning can be transferred across the curriculum. Pupils can also use this space to spend their Merits linked to our positive behaviour approach.

As a result of creating areas for our pupils we have been able to extend our intake to fifty pupils.