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Physical Intervention

All our staff are trained to manage challenging behaviour and they receive regular refresher training in positive behaviour management and physical intervention. Staff are trained in de-escalation techniques and are encouraged to look at what is underlying a child’s behaviour in order to facilitate progress in a positive way. Pupils are encouraged to talk through situations and rehearse alternative positive behaviours. This training does not work in isolation of our positive behaviour approach which includes a common use of language and the emphasis on taking responsibility for your behaviour. Pupils take an active role in thinking about consequences of their actions if appropriate. This way they are empowered in the process of change. The school believes that encouraging pupils to make choices and empowering the child facilitates change and development of the child. All incidents are recorded and parents and carers informed if their child has been involved in a physical intervention.

All parents and carers sign an agreement at the beginning of the year and understand that the only reason for physical intervention is for the safety of the child and others. We teach that physical intervention is a high risk intervention.

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