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Occupational Therapy

ChairsOccupational Therapy [OT] at our school is provided by the NHS. Our therapist support pupils and the school to carry out OT programmes which are integrated across the curriculum. Some pupils have OT time identified in their time table and the class team is responsible for delivering OT programmes designed by the therapist. Our therapist liaises with staff members, pupils and families and reports on progress and development. Wherever possible the therapist will attend Annual Reviews or EHC review meetings.

As a school we take ‘learning body language’ very seriously and this forms part of our ‘language for learning’ which is used across the school day. In order to facilitate learning we have purchased new chairs for our pupils to encourage good body posture. The chairs can be adapted to grow with the child. These have formed part of our classroom development along with new tables to create an environment which facilitates a range of learning styles.