Pupil Voice

Last year we focused on strengthening ‘pupil voice’ across the school. We looked at how pupils can take an active part in shaping their daily life. Pupils take an active part in creating their ‘Class Charter’ and ‘Passport to Learning’.

Pupils told us they wanted to create a lunch hall that was like a café. We introduced round tables, jugs and napkins; we also updated our servery.

Pupils also told us they wanted somewhere to work outside the classroom so we created the Bluebell room offering a cosy place to work independently or one to one.

Skills for Life

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Our school has a firmly embedded positive reward system. Pupils are awarded points (merits) for their achievements in behaviour and academic work. Specific praise is attached to merits so that the children are clear what they are being rewarded for. The use of specific praise and a common vocabulary by staff throughout the school, has helped promote high expectations and excellent behaviour.

At specific times of the day, pupils can use their merits on self-chosen activities. Each merit is worth 1 minute.


We work hard to ensure our environment meets the needs of all our pupils. We have created spaces where pupils can work independently and have some time away from the class. Areas also allow for movement breaks outside of the classroom.


Every week Key stage 2 pupils take part in Enrichment activities. These sessions are planned for and develop cross - curricular links involving life skills. Pupils are mixed into social family groups. This enables pupils to develop links across the school and work with different staff and pupils developing relationships outside of their class environment. Activities have included dancing, green screen, music, multi – cultural cooking which involved costing, shopping, budgeting and healthy eating.

This is a very valuable approach to developing our whole school approach to supporting each other to work collaboratively in a family like atmosphere.