Parents & Carers

Engagement is a valuable way of showing your child how closely you are working with the school to support their learning. At Phoenix Arch we provide many opportunities for our families to get involved with school life. We run a variety of parenting programmes and subject specific drop-ins in order for our parents to feel confident to support their child’s learning and behaviour. By working together we build a bank of strategies and develop our school community.


When a parent requests a place at our school Brent SEN department will consult with us to establish if we are able to meet the child’s needs. This is the same for out of borough pupils as we are a community school. It is important to match the right learning environment and curriculum to the child as in this way the child will develop with confidence.

Admission Criteria

The school caters for pupils who are able to access the national curriculum when it is appropriately differentiated and modified to enable pupils to access learning. The approach to learning is highly structured and positive, with low levels of arousal. Pupils may have a mixed profile of attainment or moderate learning difficulties. All pupils have EHC plans with ASD and associated behaviour as their primary barrier to learning.

Pupil’s will be able to develop verbal communication but may need additional support such as Makaton and visual cues. They will have developed some self-help skills and have the potential for greater independence.

Pupil’s may have challenging behaviour linked to ASD and would benefit from a specialist approach to managing their needs.

A full admission criterion is available from the school or SENAS upon request.

Pupil e-Safety


The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew


Internet Safety Tips & E Safety

Parent e-Safety


Into the Cloud™ is NCMEC’s flagship online safety product for kids 10 & under.

Get Net Wise

Educate the public about the challenges and problems presented by the Internet medium and offer potential solutions.


Child Exploitation and Online Protection


We take safeguarding very seriously and all our staff receive regular Safeguarding Training that includes Prevent and GDPR. All staff have time to read Policies and Procedures for Safeguarding; we follow Brent’s Child Protection Procedures.  As part of our Personal Social Health [PSHE] curriculum, we teach pupils how to keep themselves and others safe including on line safety.  We provide a nurturing environment where pupils feel valued and are able to discuss or disclose information that may be difficult. Parents and carers understand that we have a duty of care and sometimes we need to share information with other agencies in order to support children further. All information is kept confidential and is shared on a need to know basis.

If you have a safeguarding concern you would like to alert us to you can do this by emailing us on . This is not a secure email so please don’t put personal details in the email. We will contact you further for more information.

If you have concerns about a child or adult within the community you can find the relevant form to make a referral through the councils ‘front door’, all councils have this facility.

Hard copies of Policies and Procedures can be viewed in school or emailed to individuals if requested.

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