Governors Introductions

Meet the Governors

Please see below a few words from the members of Phoenix Arch School governing body:


Anna Gray

Hello, I'm Anna, and I am Chair of Governors at Phoenix Arch school.

I have had a child at Phoenix Arch in the past, and know the great work that is done by the school. In my day job I listen to and support others, and I used to be a teacher. As governor I offer the school a good understanding of how schools work, an excitement about how good quality learning can encourage independence, and an ability to look at issues from different points of view.

I am currently serving my second term as a governor, and am now a co-opted governor, so I also now bring experience to my role as Chair of Governors. Over the past few years I have developed my knowledge and experience around what being a school governor involves, including as safeguarding governor and meeting with Ofsted.

It has already been exciting to see how Phoenix Arch has grown and changed since I first arrived as a parent, I look forward to being part of the future of the school as a governor.


Charlene White

I am Charlene White and I am part of our finance and curriculum committee.

Being a parent at the school means, I have a genuine desire to see our school develop and successfully meet our children’s need.

Our school has really triumphed through what has been a very difficult year for us all, and I would like to congratulate them on a job well done.

As a governor on both, curriculum and finance, I find myself in a position not only monitor how well our school budget is managed, but also have the opportunity to really understand the impact of these decisions on our children’s emotional and educational outcomes.

This quote sums up my view of my positive experience at Phoenix Arch,

“Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Fr. Patrick Mc Loughlin

I am the parish priest of St Patrick’s Catholic Church right next door to the School and have been on the board of Governors for the past ten years and chair of the Finance Committee for the past 3 years. The parish and the school work in close collaboration, enabling practical support for parents, teachers and staff who use the church car park. Some of our parishioners volunteer their support within the school. My Academic background is in Theology, with an MA, from London University; Philosophy, a BD. from London University; and Psychology, a MBTI, from Oxford Psychological Press. These underpin and inform my Pastoral work in the parish, particularly working within a diverse ethnic church of about 500 parishioners. Over the past ten years the school has developed in leaps and bounds to become a holistic learning community, with excellent academic achievements. It is a privilege to be part of this and to contribute in some small way to the continuing development of this outstanding school. Ad Multos Annos!


Valerie Springer

My name is Valerie Springer I have been a Governor at Phoenix Arch for 4 years.

Vice Chair and Vice Curriculum Governor for a year.

I love being Governor as it is a privilege to be engaged with this school's day to day educational processes which is the role of the Curriculum Governor.

I am a Senior School Travel Planning Officer, in this position I have an acute awareness of various different types of schools. This knowledge i feel, aids my governorship.


Marion Joseph

I am Marion Deputy Head at Phoenix Arch. I have been a Governor since 2011 and many of you know me for the work I do to support children and their families.

I still have a teaching timetable which allows me to work with every child in the school over each academic year. This means that I get to know your children very well.

I enjoy working at Phoenix Arch and being part of the creative, happy and vibrant community that it is.


Amit Jaiswal

I am a parent of a student girl at the school, who joined reception in September 2020.

I started the role as a Co-opted Governor in September 2021.

In 2020/2021 we have encountered challenging times and the School, teachers and staff have risen to the challenge and continue to do so in testing and trying times.

I want to contribute and give back to the School as a token of the appreciation of the level and care and education that the School gives our children.

Whilst being a Governor is a thankless task, it is important that we take a role in society, if we want to shape our society, by taking on the role as a Co-opted Governor, I get the chance to contribute in a small but meaningful way.

Away from my role as a Co-opted Governor, I am a lawyer, if you want to find more details regarding this, please find me on linked in LinkedIn"


Cara Conquest

I'm Cara Conquest and I joined as a parent Governor in October 2021, a year after my son started at Phoenix Arch. I have been so impressed with the school, especially managing the complexities of the pandemic, and wanted to get more involved to see how I could support the staff.

I work as a Sales Director in book publishing and a big part of my role in my day to day is working across departments, getting the best out of teams and coaching for success and I hope I bring some of my enthusiasm to my role as parent Governor.